You know you wanna...


You know you wanna...

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a little Thunder, a little Lightning



I am in full self-discovery mode! New things excite me all the time!

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I'm always finding new things I luv...and I luv to post videos! StormySouthernBelle


I Luv Sharing with my Babies 

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til I can Feel You in Person

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I’m Here For You....


My Babies are My Friends yo

I have my Babies, and I have my Friends

Ride or Die, True Blue-I stick to the end

Sometimes I chill, Sometimes I’m on the job

Either way-it’s good time whenever I’m involved

I got Boys that are Sweet and Boys that are Cool

I always treat em right, I know what to do

I got em Dirty, Sexy, Classy and Rude

When Stormy Time arrives I’m always in the mood

The Grrl on the spot-No hesitation

A firm handle on every situation

I never Tap out-Never back down

I need em all so I spread it around

Don’t hate on me, you’ll never trap me

Just come with it and you can have me

Cuz I’m not down for the “Normal” life

But No worries Baby, I’m worth the ;price

Roses-HEY!-you know what I mean

I’m a self-made woman, only way for me to be

I make no excuse for what I do

I’ma make time for you to fly thru

I LUV havin fun and I never front

Maybe that’s why I’m the one you want

Every smile, scream and sigh is sincere

Cuz I dig you too, Baby-Get over here!!!!


I love to please you

I live to make you smile 

I’m the one you can count on

To go the extra mile

I sacrifice myself

Go to any lengths

Just to make you feel alive

My weakness is your strength

I am every woman

I’m your little girl

I’m Daddy

I’m Cunt

I’m the Witch

and the Hunt

Do it all to rock your world

So you live your button-down life

Go home to your 2.2 and your wife

I keep your secrets til the day I die

Just don’t act like I’m the one who’s Dirt

Don’t get it twisted

I really LOVE my job

I get real satisfactiion 

When he’s getting off

See-I know what I am 

At the end of the day

I’m not ashamed to know 

I was born this way

There'a little bit of what’s in me

Buried in all of you

I’m a mistress

I’m a slave

I’m the ship

and the wave

Maybe you would like it too?

Cuz you live your button-down life

Hug yourself as you fall asleep at night

Say you’re disgusted at the things I try

And feel all good inside when you call me Dirt